Importance of Knowledge base Articles

What happened to me was a perfect scenario for having knowledge base articles to help customers out.

I was trying to install Sybase open client for Redhat linux. I ended up getting some weird error

ln: creating symbolic link `/symlib/’ to
`/devlib/’: No such file or directory
/install/ /install/ No such file or directory
error: %post(sybase-common-11.9.2-3) scriptlet failed, exit status 127

After looking around I end up finding the solution at (excellent resource for DB questions)

RPM 4.1.1 has problems with relocatable packages, it looks like in a rush
to get 8.0 out the door they released it with a broken rpm. No patch or fix is available yet, but it should be in the next mahor release of rpm.

see bugzilla bug #75550

By downgrading RPM to 4.0.4 (redhat 7.3 rpm). You will be able to properly
install all of the sybase rpm’s.

Sybase should have had a KB article talking about this. I tried looking around in and was unsuccessful. BTW the search engine on sybase’s site sux!! As someone who has been in product development & customer service I think it goes a long way in making sure that your customers are happy with your service. Ofcourse you will still would like to be handheld and helped(and you feel like giving them RTFM!!)

Microsoft is very good @ this(whether its out of necessity is different question altogether). They have dedicated folks who look @ newsgroups and act as a bridge between product development teams and the customers. Ofcourse not many small companies would be able to afford it, but theres enthusiasm and drive in the smaller companies that compensate this.

Oh Well back to work!!


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