Roller suggestions

While updating my the look & feel for my blog i had a couple of suggestions to improve Roller.

  1. Change the current look to one found on
  2. There should be someway to get back to the defaults for Weblog, CSS, _dayTemplate, dayXTemplate. I screwed up one of the files and ended up cutting and pasting from the rollerblogger users guide.
  3. How do I change the image for permalink? It would be nice I could pass a parameter with the image that I want. Wonder if Matt has replaced the image file.
  4. Adding .js and .css files to my list of files.
  5. Would be nice to powered by roller button similar to one found here.

Nice to have’s:

  1. Hookup roller to amazon’s web service to one can display the current book read and current CD thats one listening.
  2. I love matt’s idea. For someone like me whos into IM big time, it would be ideal. Wont have any more excuses for procrastination. Ummm Wonder if I should jump in start coding. Dying to get my hands dirty! I should mail matt.
  3. Would be nice to have a plugin like BlogTimes.

P.S: Wonder when Anthony is going to upgrade roller on freeroller.  Hopefully  Matt’s implementation of comments come along. I ranted about the upgrade 4 months back 😦


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