Where is slashdot heading?

There appears to be growing displeasure with Slashdot.org.

Salon.com’s prediction for 2003 Salon.com

The popular discussion site for fans of open source software will disclose that it’s perilously close to bankruptcy and needs to make all Slash code proprietary in order to survive. Slashdot regulars will rebel, and some will attempt to set up alternative discussion sites — but Slashdot’s founder, Rob Malda, will sue under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to prevent any copycat sites. When readers accuse the site of “monopolizing” all the vital discussions of the various ways of cooling your computer with liquid nitrogen, Justice Department officials will threaten prosecution of Sherman antitrust violations. But Slashdot will prevail, after hiring David Boies, litigator to the stars.

From Quit Slashdot.org:

Quit Slashdot.org

Quality has definitely gone down. I wonder if this has got anything to do with tech sector not doing well. I dont know what they base their rejection and acceptance of stories .. If you do keep me posted.


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