Freeroller and Income

To date I have collected around $150. Keep in mind that I do have a family to feed and I would really like to be able to support them through things like FreeRoller and other personal endeavors, as opposed to being shackled to a 9 to 5 job.

I did not realise Anthony is trying to make a living out these projects(please correct me if Im wrong). I was not sure (Im still thinking) if I wanted to contribute cuz, I am not sure about my blogging. I usually tend to start a lot of things on a high note and then it kinda dies down! I hope my blogging does not die down, but I still wanna test the waters. That is precisely why I chose freeroller over say something like userland or blogger.

I like the idea of adding text banners to folks who read it thro readers. Coming to think of it, I think I have a couple of propositions. How about offering services such as comments and other new features from roller as subscriptions? or how about offering first 90 days of blogging on the server fee and if the person blogs for more 10 days a month he pays a small fee. Im sure I will be up for something like that. But that raises the question of site name, does it still remain Yeah I think so, cuz the basic service still remains free. Any thoughts Anthony?


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