Freeroller Downtime :(

Out of the last 3 days that i have tried to log in, freeroller has been down 2 of the times and this kinda dampens my enthusiasm to blog. But I understand Anthony has a lot on his plate and i just read his blog, he has 2 year old triplets. I am suprised that he has come this far and does so many things. I am sticking on with freeroller! Having said that after Anthony’s blog requesting for help, I sent out an email offering help. It appears Anthony has got many mails and is working thro them(Atleast I have not heard back from him). It appears from his blog that his is running Tomcat(Impressive one tomcat server is serving so many folks) on Madrake box. I dont know what kind of problems he is facing, whether its with the provider or just a matter of starting the tomcat server. If its just a question of restarting the server, then would the following solve the problem?.

  1. Setting up a cron job on the box to check to see if Tomcat is running. If the process is not running it can be started.
  2. Set up init.rc to start up Tomcat when the machine reboots.

I hope Im not sounding like the peanut gallery. Again Anthony, Im available for help you in any way I can.


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